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Rachel Staggs

Rachel incorporates vintage film and cameras to extract imagery from mundane details and breathe venerable life into her compositions. Cross processed slide film, 120 and 110 formats allow her flexibility when capturing light, creating her unique perspective. Rachel uses multiple cameras including relatively inexpensive options allowing her to focus on the often uncelebrated beauty she uncovers in softly lit alleyways or against crumbling walls. Currently, you can find her prints traveling across the United States with Small Room Collective, or in her Etsy shop.

When Rachel is not traveling with half a dozen cameras, she’s creating abstract expressionist inspired canvases with various paints. Colors are mixed and paired creating surreal silhouettes and ghostly semblances of subjects.





rachel staggs by alexandra kacha

rachel staggs by alexandra kacha

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Photography excites me like few other art forms. Different camera and film types provide endless options to explore light when it becomes most interesting. I am fascinated by historic buildings and communities, and love capturing and collecting courthouses, lighthouses, and dilapidated buildings. If you like my perspective and want to work together, write me! I love collaborating with other artists or on creative projects.

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