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Rachel Staggs has been documenting her travels as long as she can remember. Her high school band’s goodwill ambassador trip to the former Soviet Union forever established her love of exploring unfamiliar and intimidating cultures.

As she blossomed into an internationally recognized musician, artist, and photographer, her passion for travel expanded far beyond the normal tourist destinations and her ability to relay the charm and uniqueness of localities flourished.

Before and during the dot com boom, Rachel began creating content for Austin Downtown Arts Magazine, Wcities, and Austin Monthly while founding her indie zine Virago Violet. She has contributed to Pop Culture Press, Venus, the Onion’s AV Club, Spin, Lomography Magazine, and was most recently a staple of travel site Wanderlust and Lipstick, where her “Wandering Artist” blog reveled in the inspiration traveling can bring to those who seek it.

Her background in sound inspires her noteworthy photography and singular travels. She discovers local rhythms, regional cuisine, and unconventional experiences to inform her compositions and share with you on Artist Wandering. In addition to sharing through her blog, she is now curating travels for others! Ladies, join her on a Vamos Chicas! build-your-own-journey retreat! Couples, reach out for help in planning a unique getaway where we build your own unique itinerary!

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Travel Curator and Travel Writer

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My passion is cultivating unique experiences and relaying these experiences using my own photography and written coverage in my blog to share with social communities. This unique content creation has helped many brands and destinations achieve their goals in social media promotion and cross-marketing campaigns. Through online social promotions for brands and destinations, travelers easily discover new experiences and offerings from a trusted authority.

For collaborations, general inquiries, and more information on my media reach, please contact me to see how we can work together!

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